Earn money with Mechanic.

A merchant is looking for help creating a custom task.

For $100, “Set the inventory for a chosen group of products…

… to a chosen number at a chosen time of day.”

The merchant wants to pay $100 USD for this task. This request is closed. Read below for FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

How do I earn money for this request?

If you haven’t yet, familiarize yourself with the way Mechanic tasks work. Look at some of the tasks in our task directory for good examples. Get in touch with support if you have questions – we’re here for merchants and developers, too. :) Once you have a good idea of how the task implementation would work, contact the merchant using the email form below.

After that, the process is all up to you and the merchant, including invoicing and any required payment. Mechanic’s role is to facilitate this connection, and we are not responsible for the relationship between you and the merchant, or for what comes of it.

Be kind, do good work.

I can handle this request, but this price doesn’t work for me.

Contact the merchant to negotiate the price. Bear in mind, the merchant has chosen this price because it’s comfortable for them. If you want to charge something different, be intentional and considerate when opening up this conversation with the merchant.

How do I use this to get more business in the future?

Reach out to the Mechanic team to have your finished task listed on our homepage directory. This is a good way to establish your reputation as someone who can reliably deliver high-quality tasks, and you can point merchants to your listed tasks when responding to future requests.