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… need help with. Follow me here okay.. I use a recurring PayPal payment button that is just a link for my customers to click on so the checkout process takes them outside my store and won't connect them to my stores orders section. This is a problem because the client is purchasing members only consulting advice in which they will need to create an account to login to the blog section they have purchased access to. But if the clients order isn't being uploaded to shopify so idk how to configure locksmith app or mechanic app to automate this process..Then once the 7 day mark is up Id like the client to be logged out of their account and not be able to get access to that blog section again until they have purchased the select consulting memberships blog access again or the recurring payment goes thru and triggers the system to let them stay logged in for another week..”
Posted 4 months ago
… inefficiency for us. No idea what to set for bounty! We sell trainings via a shopify product, but each variant is a specific training date/location (https://butiyoga.com/collections/certify) We cannot find a solution that allows us to tag customers (ultimately we need to trigger emails to these customers) based on VARIANT level purchase. Currently we use infusionsoft and revenue conduit to tag based on product - but we cannot use this for our certifications. We need to send out training details per training - but none of our integrations allow us to tag customers based on variant, only product.”
Posted 5 months ago

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