Add new customers to GetResponse with Mechanic.

Mechanic is the one-tool-does-it-all automation app for Shopify. :)

Add new customers to GetResponse

by Isaac Bowen (

Does what it says on the tin. :) Provide your GetResponse API key (found under the account menu, under "Integrations & API" and "API") and a list token (found in the settings for your list – look for 5-6 letters and numbers), and Mechanic will automatically send each new customer account (full name and email address) over to GetResponse.

Runs when a customer is created. Configuration includes getresponse api key and getresponse list token.

15-day free trial – unlimited tasks

Developer details

when a customer is created (shopify/customers/create)
getresponse api key (required), getresponse list token (required)
{% capture customer_name %}{{ customer.first_name }} {{ customer.last_name }}{% endcapture %}

  "action": {
    "type": "http",
    "options": {
      "method": "post",
      "url": "",
      "headers": {
        "X-Auth-Token": "api-key {{ options.getresponse_api_key__required }}"
      "body": {
        "name": {{ customer_name | json }},
        "email": {{ | json }},
        "campaign": {
          "campaignId": {{ options.getresponse_list_token__required | json }}
        "tags": [],
        "customFieldValues": []
Yep, that’s just Liquid! If this is interesting to you, check out our documentation! Mechanic is hugely developer-friendly. :)