Ask for reviews a week after order fulfillment, with Mechanic.

Mechanic is an automation development platform for Shopify. :)

Ask for reviews a week after order fulfillment

by Isaac Bowen (

Follow up with your customers automatically, and establish the purchase -> earn-reviews -> attract-customers cycle. This task comes prefilled with a friendly email that gives the customer direct links to their purchases on your website – customize this email to taste.

Runs 7 days after an order is fulfilled. Configuration includes email subject, email body, and days to wait before emailing.

15-day free trial – unlimited tasks

Developer details

Mechanic is designed to benefit everybody: merchants, customers, developers, agencies, Gurus, everybody.

That’s why we make it easy to configure automation without code, why we make it easy to tweak the underlying code once tasks are installed, and why we publish it all here for everyone to learn from.

7 days after an order is fulfilled (shopify/orders/fulfilled+7.days)
email subject (required), email body (multiline, required), days to wait before emailing (number, required)
{% assign has_product = false %}
{% for line_item in order.line_items %}
  {% if line_item.product_exists %}
    {% assign has_product = true %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% assign send_email = false %}
{% if has_product and %}
  {% assign send_email = true %}
{% endif %}

{% if send_email or event.preview %}
    "action": {
      "type": "email",
      "options": {
        "to": {{ | json }},
        "subject": {{ options.email_subject__required | json }},
        "body": {{ options.email_body__multiline_required | strip | newline_to_br | json }},
        "reply_to": {{ shop.customer_email | json }},
        "from_display_name": {{ | json }}
{% endif %}
Mechanic tasks are written in Liquid, which makes them easy to write and easy to modify. Learn more about our platform.
Email subject
Will you review your order? :)
Email body

Thanks for ordering from {{ }}!

Your item{% if order.line_items.size > 1 %}s{% endif %} arrived a week ago, and we have a quick question: <b>will you review your purchase?</b>

Here {% if order.line_items.size > 1 %}are direct links{% else %}is a direct link{% endif %}, to make this easy for you:
<ul>{% for line_item in order.line_items %}{% if line_item.product_exists or event.preview %}<li><a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}/products/{{ line_item.product.handle }}">{{ }}</a></li>{% endif %}{% endfor %}</ul>
Thanks so much!

The team at {{ }}
Days to wait before emailing