Auto-tag new customers with Mechanic.

Mechanic is the one-tool-does-it-all automation app for Shopify. :)

Auto-tag new customers

by Isaac Bowen (

This task tags every new customer, and it's easy to update it to be more specific about who gets tagged – use that chat button in the corner, and we’ll help!

Runs when a customer is created. Configuration includes tag.

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Developer details

when a customer is created (shopify/customers/create)
tag (required)
  "action": {
    "type": "shopify",
    "options": [
      ["customer", {{ }}],
        "tags": "{{ customer.tags }}, {{ options.tag__required }}"
Yep, that’s just Liquid! If this is interesting to you, check out our documentation! Mechanic is hugely developer-friendly. :)