Bulk capture orders by order number with Mechanic.

Mechanic is the one-tool-does-it-all automation app for Shopify. :)

Bulk capture orders by order number

by Isaac Bowen (team@usemechanic.com)

The merchant who created this task uses another app for validating orders in bulk, resulting in a list of order numbers that should be captured. This task prompts the merchant for a list of order numbers, which Mechanic then captures one by one.

Runs when some text is submitted.

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Developer details

when some text is submitted (mechanic/user/text)
{% capture newline %}
{% endcapture %}

{% assign order_numbers = event.data | split: newline %}

{% for authorized_order in shop.orders.authorized %}
  {% capture order_number_string %}{{ authorized_order.order_number }}{% endcapture %}
  {% if order_numbers contains order_number_string %}
      "action": {
        "type": "shopify",
        "options": [
          "/admin/orders/{{ authorized_order.id }}/transactions.json",
          { "transaction": { "kind": "capture" } }
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
Yep, that’s just Liquid! If this is interesting to you, check out our documentation! Mechanic is hugely developer-friendly. :)